1-   2007 March    ***This was the first edition of the Cassady website***

​    (1) Carolyn's new book "Off the Road", (2) Welcome statements and bio's from Cathy & Jami, (3) John's book "Visions of Neal", (4) Randy discusses San Francisco eateries, (5) Various family photos, (6) The San Francisco Beat Museum

2-   2007 April

(1) Billy Craddock obituary, a eulogy To Moriarty - Cody - Cassady (Los Gatos/Saratoga Times Observer, 2/ 6/1968), (2) Happy Birthday Carolyn, (3) Lundberg Studios to visit Teresa Craddock, (4) Billy Craddock Memorial 

3-   2007 May

 (1) Carolyn's Monte Sereno garden, (2) Neal's children's pages, (3) Kerouac Alley dedication, (4) Various family photos, (5) John Gourley

4-   2007 June

 (1) Carolyn to visit California, (2) John, Jami, Cathy updates, (3) La Honda Faire, (4) Various family photos, (5) Santa Cruz Blues Festival, (6) Summer of Love announcement

5-   2007 July

 (1) Carolyn explains the "Real Neal", (2) Big Sur documentary

6-   2007 August

 (1) Lowell, MA 50th Anniversary of "On The Road"

7-   2007 September

 (1) Carolyn's biography, (2) Summer of Love

8-   2007 October

    (1) David Amram performs "Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woodie Guthrie", San Jose, CA.

9-   2007 Nov & Dec

    (1) Holiday Special with Al Hinkle

10-  2008 Jan & Feb

 (1) Happy New Year, (2) Carolyn's latest news and review of Noah Bushel's film of Neal, (3) Cathy's move to St. George, Utah

11-  2008 March

   (1) Neal's San Francisco Birthday Bash at the Beat Museum, (2) George Nelson's interview regarding his times spent with Neal

12-  2008 April

 (1) 7th Annual Santa Cruz Film Festival, "One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur" documentary, (2) Carolyn's interview with English newspaper "Notes From the Underground", (3) John in Denver for Neal PBS documentary, (4) John's gig at the Beat Museum, a reprise of the Beat Museum on Wheels

13-  2008 May

   (1) Eleven things we didn't know about Neal, by John Cassady

14-  2008 June

 (1) From "Off the Road and On the Table", Randy's first visit to the Cassady home, (2) Carolyn's take on Cassady meals, (3) Chicken livers with John and Carolyn, (4) Santa Cruz Film Festival, Kerouac's Big Sur documentary

15-  2008 July

​    (1) Jami & Randy are grandparents, (2) California going up in smoke

16-  2008 Aug to present

    *******No archival news or family stories were updated on the website during this time period. We hope to continue monthly updating of the website in the future but it does require a lot of work and we're not getting any younger. 

 In the meantime, we will offer "Latest News" stories as they become available, however they will not be archived.

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