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John's Chapter Book
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Carolyn Memorial T-shirt $15.00 each Plus Shipping.
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Carolyn  Cassady memorial T-shirt.Limited availability of colors and size.

Neal Cassady  PBS  DVD
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The "Neal Cassady: The Denver Years" DVD is now available to order.  This 2015 documentary is classic PBS, a superbly produced film you will truly enjoy.  This DVD chronicles Neal's life from his childhood years in Denver to his death in Mexico.  Learn how Neal grew up on the streets of Denver, living in flop houses and caring for himself; his successful years working for the Southern Pacific Railroad and his struggles being a responsible  husband and father. The DVD includes interviews with Carolyn and the Cassady children.  This DVD runs 1 hour and 29 minutes and is only available in NTSC format ONLY.

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8" x 11"

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Neal & Jack

17" x 11"

Neal Cassady    18" x 24"
The prints are the same size as the original (18" x 24")
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Randy and Jami are offering prints of artist Frank Ware's pen and ink lithograph of Neal Cassady, taken from one of Carolyn's photographs.

The drawing of Neal is the famous "Joan Anderson Letter", the letter Neal wrote to Jack Kerouac. The letter was published in Neal Cassady's book, The First Third. The letter is hand written by Frank, starting at Neal's right eye. Until now only a third of the original letter had been saved. The original letter in its' entirety has recently been discovered.

The original lithograph was signed by both Frank and Carolyn, dated 9-19-82.


carolyn Cassady's prints of three of her photos

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Frank Ware's pen and ink lithograph of Neal Cassady

These early 50's photos are prints taken from the original negatives from a Brownie camera by Carolyn Cassady.

The photo of Jack below was taken in Carolyn's living room.

Off The Road

by Carolyn Cassady

The First Third

by Neal Cassady

1- San Francisco Beat Museum


2- Amazon.com Books


Books by Neal & Carolyn Cassady:

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Neal Cassady

Collected Letters,

​1944 - 1957

​by Neal Cassady

Grace Beats Karma:

Letters from Prison

​1958 - 1960

​by Neal Cassady

John Allen Cassady's Chapter Book,

"Visions of Neal Cassady", ​by John Allen Cassady, has a new version with seven new chapters!

Travel Tips for the Timid

by...Carolyn Cassady

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