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1- Neal Cassady Birthday Bash, Denver, CO. Feb 8-9.      Read More...

This website is dedicated to​ the lives of Neal & Carolyn Cassady.

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2- Jami Cassady will be in Sebastopol Jan 26-29. 

Visit her booth, The Cassady Estate, for books and more.  You can ask questions and learn about life growing up with Neal and Carolyn Cassady.

John & Neal Cassady

Al Hinkle, perhaps best known as “‘Big Ed’ Dunkel,” in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. In real life, Hinkle was close friends with Kerouac, Neal Cassady and his family.

Rest in peace, dear Al.

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Jami Cassady

Born September 4, 1926      Died December 26, 2018



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3- Read Alta Magazine's Neal Cassady article and Cathy's Alta Podcast: 

​The Journal of Alta California combines William R. Hearst III's passions for publishing and the arts into a new publication that is a paean to California. Alta is a vibrant print and online magazine that also will hold a series of events bringing together the best thinkers on California and current issues.



April 1, 1948, San Francisco, Ca.

Neal & Carolyn



4- A new book by Carolyn Cassady.

 A mother-daughter 1979 travel narrative, humorous and

​ informative. Illustrated by Carolyn Cassady.

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Personal Note:

    * "After she passed away, Jami, John and I were astounded to discover the fantastic treasures our mother had accumulated during her productive 90 years." 

  (a)  Sketches, drawings,  art work
  (b)  Volumes of correspondence, journals, and poignant poetry
        reflecting her loneliness while living in England.
  (c)  At least one screenplay, a 600-page typed autobiography, 
        a novel or two

  (d)  and this delightful travel memoir.

  * From Cathy Cassady’s Introduction to Travel Tips for the Timid.

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